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aerial duo and roller skaters

Aerial duo also with quick change and special props /aerial roller skating duo

JACQUELINE LIKÒ (Italy) aerial acrobat/ roller skater/painter/visual artist

1,63 cm 55kg

WAGNER FERRÈ (Spain) aerial acrobat/ acrobatic duo/roller skater 1,93 cm 93 kg .






Actually in:



European couple (Spain/Italy).

Formation at the National school of Circus in Cuba (Havana) as aerial duo and at “Compañia Havana''.

Private specialization courses as aerial duo and choreography with Chloe Farah ,an aerial coach from Cirque du Soleil, and with Giulio Scatola

(choreographer of Zumanity/Soleil) .

Private course of roller skaters technique with Alessandro Spigai (world’s championship skater).

Registred as Artistic roller skater’s athletes of FISR (Italian federation of roller skaters).

languages: Spanish, Italian,English and portuguese.



2 march 2024 special gala for Vorwerk's event/ Mainz, Germany


12 jan to 3 march 2024 Gop Variete Hannover


9 nov to 7 jan 2024 Gop Variete Essen


7 sept to 29 oct 2023 Gop Variete Bremen/ aerial roller skating duo


14 July to 3 sept 2023 Gop Variete Bonn / aerial roller skating duo


5 june 2023 Vip event/ performing at the birthday party for the President of Guinea Equatorial


10 march to 30 abril 2023 Gop Variete Kaiserpalais Bad Oeynhausen/ aerial roller skating duo


12 jan to 26 feb 2023 Gop Variete Hannover /aerial roller skating duo


14 nov to 8 jan 2023  Gop Variete Munster/ aerial roller skating duo

14 October special gala in Chapeateu Fonteieveille Montecarlo /aerial roller skating duo

15 sept to 6 nov PortaVentura “GranTeatro” (Spain)/ aerial roller skating duo 10 may 2022 to 10 sept 2022 PortAventura “Gran Teatro” (Spain) / aerial roller skating duo

11 nov 2021 to 9 of january 2022: Gop Variète theater (Bonn Germany)/aerial roller skating duo

1 march to 31 octuber 2021 : Allstarsusa Entertainment at Maxx Royal (aerial duo with quick change on air, aerial chandelier duo, aerial roller skating)

1 march/30 october 2020: Allstarusa entertainment at Maxx Royal (aerial roller skating duo/ aerial chandelier duo)

Dec/Jan 2020: Bonner Weihnachtscircus (Germany) aerial chandelier and straps duo

Oct/nov 2019: The Vampire Circus (Us. Tour) aerial duo

March-sept. 2019: Maxx Royal resort/Allstarsusa entertainment/ Turkey (aerial chandelier and straps)

Jan 2019: special gala Montecarlo / Salle des Etoile (aerial chandelier duo)

Dec. 2018: Santa Circus (director Javier Santos from Cirque du Soleil) at Jungle Island in Miami (aerial chandelier duo)

Dec. 2018: Santa Circus (tournée United States and Puertorico island) aerial duo nov.

2018: “Burlesque show” at Salone Margherita theatre (Rome) aerial duo

31 October to Sept 2018: The legends of horrors at Casa Loma Castle (Toronto, Canada) in collaboration with “The Vampire Circus” (aerial chandelier duo)


August 2018: Special Galas (Montecarlo France ) Salle des Etoile/ aerial duo July/june

2018: Burlesque circus show (Rome Cinecittaworld) in partnership with Salone Margherita theatre

March/April/May 2018: “Atmosphere show” live circus production (Greece’s tour) aerial duo

January/February 2018 and dic.2017: “Paris” dinner show (Rome) Parioli theatre Nov

2017: Galas at Venue verde (Lebanon, Beirut) aerial duo
Nov 2017: galas Hilton and Sofitel resort (aerial duo)

October 2017: Specials vip shows at Kempinski Resort at Seychelles Island / aerial chandelier duo

July/August/September 2017: Dinner show Burlesque at Teatro Salone Margherita (Italy) aerial duo

June 2017: Partnership with American Express, Cavalieri Hilton Hotel and Mac makeup for specials and luxury events (aerial duo)

May 2017: Biblos resort and casino (Lebanon) special guest act

April 2017: Dinner show and luxury resort (Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta Mexico) aerial duo

feb/March 2017: Internacional Festival of Circus of Albacete and galas (Spain)

2014/2015/2016: Circo de los horrores (Italian, Spanish and Mexican tour- Productora de Sonrisa

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